Episode 20 – Breakfast Stout with Exit 12 Brewery

Guest Information

Brandon and Nick of Exit 12 Brewery
Facebook /Exit12Brewery
Twitter @Exit12Brewery
Instagram @Exit12Brewery
Untappd /Exit12Brewery
YouTube Exit 12 Brewery


A Homebrew Podcast – Exit 12 Brewery, which is not a brewery (not one where you can go buy beer, anyway) joins the show. Nick and Brandon record their side of the episode in a house kept at 60 degrees – they are super committed to keeping those ales fermenting on the cool side. The chilly temperatures do cause some disputes about the nature of their friendship.

We discuss the delicious Founders Breakfast Stouts – Canadian Breakfast Stout for Aaron and Jason and Kentucky Breakfast Stout for Brandon and Nick.

Exit 12 shares their weirdest creation, a Thanksgiving Ale – Brown Ale with Rosemary, Nutmeg, Thyme – they suggest it is ‘drinkable’ It didn’t work nearly as well as the Cranberry Pale Ale. Their second go around featured 1/2 the cranberries in secondary instead of primary and it was a holiday favorite.

New England IPA’s are the go to beer, and they have even done some NE IPA techniques with SMaSH beers. We discuss the beginnings of the NE IPA. Alchemist, Lawson’s, Hill Farmstead, Trillium, and Treehouse. This trendy discussion of NE IPA resolves in some stories about Edward Scissorhands with King Cobra.

We discuss electric vs. propane brewing. The coolers with propane seem to give better efficiency than the Robobrew, but the coolers aren’t the best outdoors in the New England winters. Jason and I discuss our joint finances in advance of acquiring a cooler system.

Brewtubing network – most folks chronicle their brew days in a 20-25 minute video. Homebrew reviews.
Clement’s Homebrew was the channel that got them into the Brewtubing.

The community aspect of homebrewing, especially in giving free beer to friends and family has allowed Exit 12 Brewery to extend the craft beer interest to their friends and family who have traditionally been macro only drinkers.

We learn that you can, if you know the right stuff, find Zombie Dust in Germany.

Jason takes us on a journey to Athens and then Hades as we follow Thesius in the off-the-wall question.

We then discuss serving styles in response to listener Brian’s question and it gets a little dicey when we discuss counter pressure bottle fillers.

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Guest Information

Jordan Alexander
Twitter @TDrinkability
Instagram @the_duke_of_drinkability

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Everyone should head to the Walkablowout on December 20! It will feature flights Walkabout Pale Ale with barrel-aged, imperial, and kettle sour variations.

Guest Information

Sean Lewis
Website www.flat12.me
Twitter @Flat12Bierwerks
Instagram @Flat12Bierwerks
Facebook Flat12 Bierwerks

Special Guests

Sean Webster
Monon Beverage Brokers Website
Twitter @MononBeverage
Instagram @MononBeverage
Facebook Monon Beverage

Breweries/Beers Mentioned



Flat 12 Bierwerks Walkabout Pale Ale
Dan Patch Wit
Pogue’s Run Porter
Upside Down Blond
Craft Light
Snow Dog Imperial Rye Stout
Slam Dunkel
Flat Jack Pumpkin Ale
Mango Kolsch
Summer Cycle IPA
Fountain Square Brewing Co. Galaxy Smash
Sun King Brewery
New Holland Brewing Company Dragon’s Milk
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Pale Ale
Hazy Little Thing
Black Circle Brewing Co.
Bell’s Brewery Two-Hearted Ale
Upland Brewing Co. Ard Ri
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Samuel Smith Old Brewery
Elm Street Brewing Co.
The Guardian Brewing Company
Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co.
New Corner Brewing Company
Miller Coors Hamm’s
Pabst Blue Ribbon Old Style
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Stroh’s Bohemian Pilsner
Samuel Adams New England IPA
Boston Lager
Winter Lager
MD 20/20
Hopwise Brewing Hopsy Turvey

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A Homebrew Podcast – We have a ton of fun talking with Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick of the Monon Beverage Brokers. We also have special guests Jon Robinson from the Centerpoint Brewing Company and Sean Lewis from Flat12 Bierwerks on the episode.  For more information about the Monon Beverage Brokers, see the guest information table below:

Guest Information

Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick of the Monon Beverge Brokers
Twitter @mononbeverage
Instagram @mononbeverage
Facebook Monon Beverage
Producers Ash and Elm Cider
Bloomington Brewing Co.
Burn ‘Em Brewing
Cedar Creek Brewery
Cedar Creek Winery
Centerpoint Brewing
Circle City Kombucha
Evil Czech Brewery
Moonlight Meadery

Episode 17 – Cerveza Para Genios with Fortlandia Nano Brewery

A Homebrew Podcast – Dan, Jerry, Ken, and Sam of the forthcoming Fortlandia Brewing Company discuss their homebrew beginnings and the early spring 2019 opening of their new nano-brewery.

Guest Information

Dan, Jerry, Ken, and Sam from Fortlandia Brewing Company
Facebook Fortlandia Brewing Company
Instagram @FortlandiaBrewingCompany
Twitter @FortlandiaBC
Homebrew Club MASH – Ft. Wayne Homebrew Club

Breweries/Beers Mentioned


Fortlandia Brewing Company Cerveza Para Genio
Maple Scottish Ale
Dreamsicle IPA
Powerhouse Barley Wine
Honey Lager
Hazelnut Brown Ale
Strawberry Kettle Sour
Black Acre Brewing Company
Mad Anthony Brewing Company
Sun King Brewery
New Holland Brewing
Daredevil Brewing Co. Rauchbier
Chilly Water Brewing Co. Smoke on the Lager
Left Hand Brewing Co. Smokejumper Smoked Imperial Porter

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Episode 16 – Centerpoint Gold with Jon Robinson

A Homebrew Podcast – Jon Robinson of Centerpoint Brewing along with Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick of Monon Beverage Brokers join us for our first sans Jason episode, our first (and last) on air shotgun, and some great information about the local beer industry. Grab a Centerpoint Gold and enjoy the show.

Guest Information

Sean Webster and
Centerpoint Brewing Company Website
Twitter @MononBeverage
Instagram @MononBeverage
Facebook Monon Beverage

Special Guests

Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick
Monon Beverage Brokers Website
Twitter @CenterpointBrew
Instagram @CenterpointBrewing
Facebook Centerpoint Brewing
Yelp Centerpoint Brewing

Breweries/Beers Mentioned

Centerpoint Brewing Company Centerpoint Gold

Centerpoint (Blood) Orange

Insurance Sucks


Rasberry Belscnickel

Satan’s Seed


Absolute Zero

Scarlett Lane
Bier Brewery ESB
3 Pints
SunKing Bitter Druid
Stone Brewing Beard Yeast
Miller Coors Coors Light
Miller High Life? Miller High Life
Old Style? Old Style
Schlitz Schlitz
Hamm’s Hamm’s
Deviate Brewing Satan’s Seed
Flat 12 Bourbon Barrel Oatmeal Stout
Broad Ripple Brew Pub Did I Do This Right


Grand Junction Did I Do This Right
Did I Do This Right Grand Junction
Central State Brewing
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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