Episode 16 – Centerpoint Gold with Jon Robinson

A Homebrew Podcast – Jon Robinson of Centerpoint Brewing along with Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick of Monon Beverage Brokers join us for our first sans Jason episode, our first (and last) on air shotgun, and some great information about the local beer industry. Grab a Centerpoint Gold and enjoy the show.

Guest Information

Sean Webster and
Centerpoint Brewing Company Website
Twitter @MononBeverage
Instagram @MononBeverage
Facebook Monon Beverage

Special Guests

Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick
Monon Beverage Brokers Website
Twitter @CenterpointBrew
Instagram @CenterpointBrewing
Facebook Centerpoint Brewing
Yelp Centerpoint Brewing

Breweries/Beers Mentioned

Centerpoint Brewing Company Centerpoint Gold

Centerpoint (Blood) Orange

Insurance Sucks


Rasberry Belscnickel

Satan’s Seed


Absolute Zero

Scarlett Lane
Bier Brewery ESB
3 Pints
SunKing Bitter Druid
Stone Brewing Beard Yeast
Miller Coors Coors Light
Miller High Life? Miller High Life
Old Style? Old Style
Schlitz Schlitz
Hamm’s Hamm’s
Deviate Brewing Satan’s Seed
Flat 12 Bourbon Barrel Oatmeal Stout
Broad Ripple Brew Pub Did I Do This Right


Grand Junction Did I Do This Right
Did I Do This Right Grand Junction
Central State Brewing
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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