Episode 22 – Coffee Nephilim with Josh Hambright

Aaron and Jason are on location at Round Town Brewery to talk about funk with Josh Hambright of Central State Brewing, but there’s more than just pucker in Central State’s brewhouse. They talk about adjusting palettes to sour beers, and the difference between funk and sour. Wine has often been touted as a drink that carries a great sense of place, and Josh says beer is no different, using wild yeast and local ingredient in many of Central State’s staple brews. The conversation once again takes a detour in Muncie.

Special thanks to Conjurer for coming in and dooming up the place on the soundtrack to this week’s episode. Check them out on BandCamp, give them a listen, and throw your money at them. Look for upcoming shows on Do317.

Episode 20 – Breakfast Stout with Exit 12 Brewery

A Homebrew Podcast – Exit 12 Brewery, which is not a brewery (not one where you can go buy beer, anyway) joins the show. Nick and Brandon record their side of the episode in a house kept at 60 degrees – they are super committed to keeping those ales fermenting on the cool side. The chilly temperatures do cause some disputes about the nature of their friendship.

The Sparge – Episode 9 Featuring Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick of the Monon Beverage Brokers

A Homebrew Podcast – We have a ton of fun talking with Sean Webster and Scott Hardwick of the Monon Beverage Brokers. We also have special guests Jon Robinson from the Centerpoint Brewing Company and Sean Lewis from Flat12 Bierwerks on the episode.  For more information about the Monon Beverage Brokers, see the guest information table below: