Bürgerliches Brauhaus

Day 9 of Plato’s Advent and the studio is a mess – also Jason shares his preferences for euphemisms before we discuss Aaron’s infatuation with Chidi Anagonye from the Good Place.


Blau Weiss

Jason celebrates the advent of the telephone, while Aaron suggests a more traditional approach to the season. We wonder how much of the American Beer market belongs to macros. Also, we are confused about how wheat malt can be used in rheinheitsgebot beer.

Käuzle Helles Lager

We are drinking through the Kalea Special Beer Advent Calendar found at Costco! Join us each day until Christmas for a new Beer. We get things kicked off with  the Käuzle Helles Lager. This is a fun format – invite your friends to download and drink along!

Episode 38 – Petite Sour Peach with Colter Wilson

Colter Wilson joins us to talk brewing in a Tea Urn,Other Homebrewing DIY, Rasberry Pi brewing setups, and his new podcast that covers these topics and more! After you listen to this episode, check out his feed!

Guest Information

Colter Wilson of Homebrewing DIY
Podcast Feed Hombrewing DIY
Instagram @HomebrewingDIY
Twitter @HomebrewingDIY
Facebook /homebrewingdiy
Website https://homebrewingdiy.beer/


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Episode 37 – Triangle Tests with Kellye and Adam

We have a little fun with a couple of triangle tests. We start with Oktoberfest, and then try two coffee stouts. What are your favorite beers to do triangle tests with?

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Kellye and Adam

Tap Untappd




Milk Stout Black Acre Brewing Company Hop for Teacher

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