Champagne Velvet

Happy New Year’s – We drink the…er…a champagne of beers, Champagne Velvet – which apparently smells like Patrick Lynch of Upland Brewing Company. We discuss omnisexual polygamists and wax philosophical about the coming age of artificial intelligence. Cheers!

Loncium Vienna Style Lager

How long are 99 cans of beer – on the wall, in a case, and does it matter if it is just PBR? Also, does Aaron have secret family? No, and also, he is very bad at circle math – not really, but yea, it sounds that way. Jason still sounds like the internet.

Urtyp Hell Edel Bayer

We discuss the thread counts of rose chasubles as we celebrate Gaudete Sunday for #PlatosAdvent2019! This transitions nicely into some fun nerd jokes that may or may not reference the command line.


Aaron buys a house, and Aristophanes makes a cameo! Also, the first Altbier of the Advent Calendar and it is delicious!

Jason is a person who remains extant, and sometimes adds to an episode description when Aaron’s not looking with self-referential 4th wall breaking phrases like, “Hi, I’m Jason, and I’m typing this out right now. How are you?” I’m not saying that’s what is happening here, but… also… Hi, I’m Jason, and I’m typing this out right now. How are you?