About Us

We met in 2008 and started brewing together in the summer of 2016. We were shopping at Great Fermentations, our local homebrew shop, when we chanced upon their “Friday Night Club”. They were hosting their monthly homebrewers’ bottle share, where brewers hang out, share their latest brew, and talk about all things homebrewing.

We came empty-handed, but we received a warm welcome and some good beer. They were seasoned brewers with fancy setups, and new brewers who were still rocking their starter kits. Ideas, compliments, and critiques were exchanged as freely as the handcrafted beer. Hearing stories and techniques from other brewers gave us new ideas and made us even more excited for our next brewday.

Plato’s Gravity is a place for these conversations to continue. Every episode, we’ll talk with homebrewers about their stories, their techniques for brewing, and their passion for beer. Our guest will choose the beer, and we’ll all enjoy a drink while talk about why we brew. Together we’ll grow and inspire a creative community of homebrewers, our community, and get more great beer into the world!